Reggae Merch

Reggae Merchandise by Lion I. Original designs worn by true Rasta music revolutionaries from Steel Pulse to Groundation to everyday revolutionaries like I and I. Thanks for your support!

Babylon Advisory Sticker. Available on eBay

Babylon Advisory Revolutionary Content Reggae RASTA sticker! Stick it on anything. It’s water proof, weather proof, very durable, and fade resistant. Guitar not included! 🙂 Chanting down Babylon one RASTA sticker at a time! Designed in Hawaii. Printed in the USA.
   Material type: 100% industrial strength vinyl
   Quality: Extremely high quality
   Back print: Yes
   Stickiness level: Aggressive permanent adhesive
   Clear gloss 100% UV coating
   Location: Designed in Hawaii. Printed in the USA
   Size: 3″ X 2.5″ inches
   Brand: INLIONI

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Babylon Advisory T-Shirt

Description (from eBay)

NEW 100% cotton Reggae t-shirt Rasta “Babylon Advisory Revolutionary Content”

   T-shirt design: “Babylon Advisory”
   Material type: 100% cotton tagless t-shirt
   T-shirt color: black
   Fit guide: regular U.S. men’s fit, preshrunk
   Location: designed and printed in Hawaii
   Size: Medium
   Gift included: Babylon Advisory Rasta Sticker!
Babylon Advisory Revolutionary Content tagless t-shirt! Chanting down Babylon one reggae t shirt at a time! Rasta colors for the true revolutionary! Babylon Advisory Rasta t-shirt design is an INLIONI original.

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