Lion-I is a conscious Reggae artist drawing inspiration from roots, dub, rock, and dancehall. Lion-I performs original live Reggae music and records in 432 Hz natural frequency. Spreading a conscious message, good vibes, and original songs.

Music influences include: Bob Marley and the Wailers, Jimi Hendrix, Steel Pulse, Sublime, Dennis Brown, Black Uhuru, Sizzla, and many more Reggae greats.

The meaning behind Lion-I is being the master of your own destiny, having determination to reach your dreams, and following your life’s calling. Lion-I is wordplay on the Rastafari concept of “I and I” (instead of “you and I”). It’s a philosophy of human equality and elevated collective consciousness.

Through unique lyrics, music, and art Lion-I promotes consciousness and inspiration, while aiming to elevate and expand collective consciousness and positivity.